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Curves and Surfaces


There are many excellent texts on the subject of curves and surfaces. Two that I like are Alfred Gray's "Modern Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces" (CRC), and Wolfgang Kühnel's "Differential Geometry: Curves--Surfaces--Maniolds"(AMS), and I have put them both on reserve in the Science Library. If you feel a need to have your own personal copy of a text, I would recommend Kühnel's.

Lecture Notes

Chuu-lian Terng Notes (pdf)

Nigel Hitchen Notes (pdf)






There seems to be a nearly infinite collection of Matlab tutorials and "Getting Started with Matlab"s on the web---just try Google and see what you get! Here is a small selection. The first two are PDF files that you can download to your own hard disk. The rest are hypertext linked HTML files that you can read online. In addition, there are many excellent textbooks that you can find at Borders or Barnes and Nobles.

MathWorks Getting Started Notes (pdf)

Professor Weichang Wang's MatlabNotes (pdf)

Univ. of Utah "Getting Started" and Tutorial

Univ. of Indiana"Getting Started" and Tutorial

Univ. of Florida Matlab Tutorial

UNH Matlab Tutorial

UBC Matlab Primer

Lacra Bintu's Movie Notes